Moving home is an incredibly exciting milestone; however, inevitably, the process does come alongside a considerable amount of planning, documentation and legal aspects. One of the most important factors to consider when preparing for a move is whether your belongings are covered. While no one wants to think of the possibility that some of their items may be damaged, it isn’t something that you can put to the back of your mind. It is always better to be safe than sorry, which means that it is vital to double-check whether your current policy covers moving. With this in mind, to ensure that you are fully prepared for your big move, we have put together all of the information you need to answer the question, ‘does contents insurance cover moving home?’.

Answer: Does Contents Insurance Cover Moving House?

Having specialised in removals in London for many years, we have lent a helping hand to hundreds of clients who are beginning a new chapter in their new home. We most definitely understand that moving to a new property can be somewhat stressful, so we always aim to provide as much support as possible. In light of this, when opting for moving with the help of Davis & Mac, you will have peace of mind that your items are covered for up to £100k. Should you need to extend your cover for a longer period, then this can also be arranged with as little as a days notice.

Although our insurance provider will ensure that you are covered throughout your move, this most definitely doesn’t mean that you do not need home insurance. Depending on your policy, it is more than likely that it will include “goods in transit” cover, otherwise known as contents insurance, which you need to have in order for our protection to apply to you. If you also opt for using our storage in London during or after your move, then your contents insurance may also cover your items while stored away. It is highly recommended always to contact your insurance provider prior to your move to double-check your cover. For those who are yet to make policy arrangements or are unsure of what content insurance is, here we will run through the following questions:

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What Is Content Insurance?

So first and foremost, it’s essential to delve into what contents insurance actually is. In simple terms, contents insurance is a policy that covers your belongings, meaning that should any items be damaged or stolen, your provider will pay for them to be replaced or repaired. It can be purchased as an add-on alongside your general home insurance or as a standalone contract. When taking out a contents insurance policy, it is vital to read through the items that it covers. While the most common belongings include furniture, electricals, clothes and ornaments, every policy is different, so research is imperative to ensure that you find a cover that suits you.

Much like any other insurance, whether it may be car, holiday or home, your contents policy will come alongside conditions. Again, this differs based on your provider so you must ensure that you read through all terms before going ahead. Should you experience damage or loss to one of your belongings, it will fall into one of two categories. The first is “new-for-old” which means that, if one of your items are stolen or damaged, and you are not at fault, they will cover the payment for a full replacement. If one of your belongings break, but it has gone through wear and tear, then this will fall under the ‘indemnity’ category. In this instance, your provider will still provide you with a payout, but it may be slightly reduced meaning that you’re likely to need to make a contribution. For more information on contents insurance, we suggest heading over to Which? Here you’ll be able to find a comprehensive guide on everything that you need to know about contents insurance, including a calculator which will help you to determine the value of your possessions.

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Is My Content Insurance Still Valid After Moving?

Your contents and home insurance is only valid after moving if you have updated the address on your policy. In most cases, insurance providers do allow you to transfer your cover from one property to another; however, you will need to contact them ahead of time to make any arrangements. It is essential to highlight that amending your policy does sometimes come alongside a transfer fee, but your provider will inform you of this when you contact them. Don’t forget to keep in mind that, particularly if you are moving to a new city, the price of your insurance policy may change. Premiums are determined based on not only the type of property that you live in but also your postcode, which means that your cover may go up or down in price based on your new address.

Many homeowners use moving to a new property as an opportunity to shop around for a new insurance provider. Similar to when renewing your car insurance, spending time to research different providers is likely to mean that you can track down a cheaper policy. If you do choose to switch providers after your move, but your current policy still has a few months left, don’t forget that you’re likely to face a cancellation fee. Take a look at Money Saving Expert for a host of handy tips on how to find the best home insurance deal to suit your requirements.

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How Can I Make Sure My Contents Is Covered?

As mentioned previously, to ensure that you are fully covered during your move, it is of utmost importance to thoroughly read your current policy to check its conditions. There are some instances which could prevent your contents from being covered in the event of damage or theft. For example, some providers will not provide you with a payout if your items were improperly packed during the move. Others will only cover you if you choose one of their recommended moving companies, which means that moving independently without professional assistance may mean that you are no longer protected.

Keep Your Belongings Protected!

No one wants to arrive at their new property, ready to start a new chapter to find that their belongings have been damaged. In ensuring that you have thoroughly researched the conditions of your cover and planned ahead, you can have peace of mind that your items will be protected throughout the transition.

If you are searching for a reputable removals company in the capital, then do not hesitate to contact Davis & Mac. Not only can we provide full support when making policy arrangements, but our expert packing services will ensure that all items arrive at your new home safely. From large furniture to delicate China dinnerware, we have you covered!