Having specialised in storage, packing and removals in London for many years, we are well-versed in lending a helping hand with all manner of move types. From families upscaling to their ‘forever home’ to interior designers setting up their latest project, there is no task too big for our team of experts. However, one of the most common questions we are asked, which is rarely considered until an issue arises, is whether being in a property chain will affect the services we provide. Property chains are considerably more common than many expect, so here we have put together everything you need to know about using our services while in a property chain.

What Is A Property Chain?

While, at first, the idea of a property chain does seem somewhat complicated, it is actually pretty straightforward once broken down. In simple terms, a property chain is when the actions of both the seller and buyer are linked. It means that the purchase or sale cannot go through without the other transaction.

Property chains are very common as, unless you are a first-time buyer, homeowners will almost always be buying a new home and selling their existing property at the same time. In most cases, buyers will need to sell their old home before they have the finances to afford the deposit and legal fees associated with buying their new home. From the seller’s point of view, on the other hand, they will need to finalise the purchase of their new home, so that they have somewhere to move into before they can hand over the keys. Due to the nature of property chains, it does mean that your move can be postponed due to someone else’s issues, even though you are ready to move into your new property. Unfortunately, there is no way to control the actions or decisions of the other members of your property chain, which means that patience is key for getting through the process with as little stress as possible. If you are unsure of the factors that contribute towards a property chain taking a little longer, take a look at Rightmove.

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Can I Use Your Services While In A Property Chain?

Here at Davis & Mac, our goal is to make every move an easy, enjoyable one, which means that there are absolutely no restrictions on who can use our services. We recognise how common being in a property chain is and have extensive experience working with clients who are relying on someone else to determine the date of their move. If you are in a property chain and require our expertise, whether this may be removals in Fulham, packing in Kensington or any other services around the capital, then this isn’t a problem. We will work with you to organise the logistics around the property chain, making sure that there is minimal waiting time for access to your new property.

What Happens If The Property Chain Collapses?

Although no one wants to consider the thought that their property chain may collapse, it can happen. As there are so many variables involved in the process, you can never be sure that no problems will occur. For instance, the buyer may have a problem securing their mortgage or the property survey shows issues, meaning that they are no longer interested in purchasing the property. As there will be many external links also included such as solicitors, mortgage lenders and estate agents, it may be as simple as the legal firms take too long to process documentations.

If you do opt for scheduling a move with Davis & Mac and sadly, your property chain does collapse, then please get in touch with our team. We will always aim to work with you to ensure that, should you need us in the future when your move goes to plan, we are available and on hand to make the transition to your new home as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

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Making Every Move Quick, Straightforward & Enjoyable

Although having your moving date postponed due to the problems of others can be incredibly frustrating, it most definitely doesn’t mean that when it finally arrives, it cannot be super easy. Through ensuring that you choose the right moving company, preparing your items in advance and getting all documentation out of the way, you can ensure that the process runs smoothly. For a host of handy top tips, we suggest taking a look at the Moving House blog. Alternatively, if you are in need of removals, man and van or storage in London, then do not hesitate to contact the team at Davis & Mac.