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Installation Case Study for ET Cetera Cabinet

Our team was recently tasked with constructing this wonderful ET CETERA cabinet on the shop floor of the Heals Showroom located on Tottenham Court Road. The cabinet needed to be built and positioned in the Ligne Roset department located on the second floor.

The cabinet itself is quite a handful. Here are the full design measurements once fully constructed:

  • 2.1m Wide
  • 2.7m High
  • 40cm Deep
  • Approximately 300Kg in Weight

As with most DIY cabinets, the ET CETERA comes as flatpack and build instructions. Before any work could begin, it was important to check the design and blueprint to ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength. There’s nothing worse than getting half way through a build only to discover that you are erecting the wrong design.

If that was the case, we would need to stop work, dismantle and start from scratch – not good.

Here is the initial blueprint design and the final location for the completed cabinet.

Et Cetera Cabinet Blueprint

Let The Building Commence

Before we got stuck in to building the cabinets, we needed to carefully open up each piece and check for any signs of damage during delivery. After a full inspection – everything was in perfect condition and ready to go.

We started by constructing the main frame of the unit. It was important to get this section complete in the final location on the showroom floor as once finished – a weight of 300Kg wasn’t going to be easily moved. The first and second sections were completed with the cabinet frame on it’s side.

Et Cetera Cabinet Blueprint

After the first two sections had been successfully fitted – we stood the frame up vertically and got it into position before the total weight became too heavy. Now that the cabinets frame was in its final location, we were able to finish the remaining sections and add the final parts to the outside of the frame.

Each flatpack cabinet such as this comes with plastic cap covers to make the fittings and screws look more presentable. We needed to make sure that each fitting was covered with one of the plastic caps provided by the manufacturer.

Plastic Cap Covers

Installing the Shelving & Cupboard Sections

Next up was the installation and fitting of the main shelving to separate the individual cupboard and shelving sections. Once we were able to get the main shelving in place, the cabinet would benefit from a significant amount of added stability.

Here are some images of the plastic covers once fitted and the main shelving being fitted.

Finished Plastic Caps

Main Shelving

Almost Finished – The Final Shelving & Doors

Now that the cabinet was stable with the main shelving in place, we could add the individual shelving to each section and the cupboard doors.

The total build time for this Et Cetera cabinet was approximately 5-hours and was completed by two of the Davis & Mac team that specialise in Interior Logistics and Removals in London.

Completed Et Cetera Build

Client Testimonial – Tom Goodbun

Our client for this project – Mr Tom Goodbun is the Ligne Roset Ambassador for the Heals Showroom on Tottenham Court Road.

“With our new showroom install right around the corner, we needed someone we could trust to fit and install our new cabinets. When I spoke to Davis & Mac regarding the job they was more than happy to take it on, stayed flexible around our availability and, as it was our first work together, carefully explaining what the team would need to make everything run smoothly.

Now this particular piece that Davis & Mac put together was neither easy nor small. It’s one of our most popular modular ranges so we brought in one of the largest compositions possible, meaning the cabinet itself is made up of 4 smaller sections, each a mission in their own right made up of many many individual pieces. The instructions coming in French didn’t help with matters much either!

None-the-less the Davis & Mac team, set about it with efficiency and determination. They were extremely communicative and friendly throughout regarding any issues that arose or how they were getting on, overcoming all obstacles to ensure the final piece was not compromised in any way.

Looking at the piece now, it is standing as strong and beautiful as it was on day 1, and has only attracted positive feedback from our customer’s and staff alike. I wouldn’t think for a minute about going to anyone else to oversee our delivery & fitting from start to finish, very impressed!”

Extra Information – Et Cetera Cabinet Range

ET CETERA is a vertically-constructed cabinetry system that consists of different combinations of side panels, shelves, back panels, and fronts. ET CETERA is a system of bookcases, enhanced with the additional functions of traditional living room furniture: storage (doors, windows, shelves, and drawers), a TV unit and lighting.

  • Compositions maintain simplicity due to the subtle use of a network of single 7” – 175 mm modules.
  • A uniform depth of 15” – 382 mm is made possible by the reduction of audio-visual equipment size. This allows the creation of a product that blends more easily into the required space because of its shallow and ‘smooth’ surface.
  • The finesse of the grooved hinged doors, as well as the pull-up and lap doors, come from the almost negligible thickness (around 1/4” – 6 mm) that overlap the edges of the structure. Their elegant minimalist effect is accentuated by their handle-free, push-to-open mechanism.
  • The originality of the storage surface can primarily be attributed to the open niches offered in varying widths. They are both playful and functional at once and create an interesting grid-like appearance. This pattern creates a play on linear repetition.
  • The structure is available in white or argile satin lacquer. The front panels can be either lacquered or enriched with sawn-effect oak veneer available in natural, anthracite or black.
  • As a complement to the lacquer finishes (white, argile, elephant), certain elements of this range are also available in the following 13 lacquer colours: rouge, brique, bleu, plomb, azur, bleu lavande, chocolat, moutarde, mastic, ranger, noir, perle, bleu nuit.

Let Us Help You

If you have an upcoming DIY project or need assistance with interior logistics in London. Contact our team today and we will gladly provide you with a completely free quotation. You can contact us here.

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